1.1 Shipping terms

(a) We will use our reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that all products which are the subject of an accepted order (Ordered Products) are dispatched to you as quickly as possible.
(b) Some of the products which are listed for sale on this website are custom manufactured on-demand. These products generally have a longer lead time and will take longer to dispatch.
(c) The shipping method selected by us for Ordered Products will depend on the size, weight and relative fragility of the Ordered Products in addition to the remoteness of your specified place of delivery from our warehouse (if applicable) or our supplier’s or manufacturer’s warehouse.
(d) We reserve the right to charge you for additional costs incurred if Ordered Products cannot be delivered to you for reasons beyond the reasonable control of us and/or our selected shipping provider(s).
(e) Upon delivery, you will be asked to sign a delivery notification form, in which you confirm that the Ordered Products were delivered without obvious defects or damage.

1.2 Shipping charges

For delivery addresses in Australia:

AUD$100.00 or less

For orders with a total value of AUD$100.00 or less, we will charge your nominated payment method a flat rate of AUD$12.00 per order for shipping. This charge is in addition to the Price.

More than AUD$100.00

(a) Subject to paragraph (b), for orders with a total value of AUD$100.00 or more, the cost of shipping is free.
(b) If delivery of an order will result in unacceptably high freight and logistics charges to us (because, for example, the product(s) you have ordered are bulky, fragile, have special delivery requirements or your delivery location is remote), we reserve the right to charge additional shipping fees or to cancel your order prior to dispatch. If we cancel your order in these circumstances, we will issue a full refund to you.

For delivery addresses outside Australia:
Unfortunately, we do not accept orders with delivery addresses outside Australia at this time.